TAADA:What We're All About

Howdy! Welcome to the Traditional Austin Area Dance Association. We're an umbrella organization for several Austin area Contra and English Country dance events and organizations. We think that people who care about Contra and English Country dancing are the best people anywhere!

If you're brand new to Contra or English Country dancing (or just want to find out about them,) we have lots of links here that will show you just how easy and fun these dances are.

If you've been dancing a while, this site will help you find dances in the Austin area and beyond, keep you posted on all the doings of our organization, and show you how and where you can be a better dancer and community member.

Look around, contact us, learn a little bit just make sure y'all get to the next dance!

Here is a taste...

Contra and English Country dancing are fun and easy to learn, no partner or experience necessary. A caller leads the dancers through a series of moves, and the pattern repeats. If you can walk, you can dance. Read more...


"When Y'all Gonna Come Dance?":
Upcoming TAADA and Related Events