TAADA Bylaws and Code of Conduct

TAADA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the practice and promotion of traditional, historical and folk dance, with special emphasis on American and English traditions.

Our primary purpose is to teach dance (and promote dance teaching and knowledge) by facilitating dancing opportunities for the greater Austin Metropolitan Area dance community.

TAADA was officially created on March 1, 2011, and later that month became a Group Affiliate of The Country Dance and Song Society.

Board Officers
(email: board (AT) taada.us)

President: Pamela Weems
Vice President: Bert Godkin
Treasurer: Brian McMinn
Secretary: Gail Woods
Members-at-Large: Effi Brandenburg, Melinda Carter, Susie Nagel, Nana Lopez, May Plumb
Webmaster: May Plumb

Dance Committee Representatives:
English Country: Elizabeth Stehl
San Marcos: Linda Byers

Special Committee Officers

English Country Dance:
Co-Chairs: Pamela Weems and Elizabeth Stehl
Treasurer: Craig Weems
Additional Members: Rob Baden, Linda Beamer, and Ruven Brooks

San Marcos 4th Sunday Dance Committee
Officers:Richard Conrads, Linda Byers
Treasurer: Mary Lynn Ellingson
Webmaster: Conrad Gardner