Joanna Reiner has taught English dance, Scottish dance and Iongsword for nearly two decades. In addition to being one of the leaders of the Philadelphia-based Germantown Country Dancers, her calling has taken her from Amberst to Ann Arbor, from NEFFA to Hey Days, from St. Croix to Hawaii to Florence, Italy, including many session at Pinewoods Camp. While known for her clear calling and instruction, Joanna is also an avid dance gypsy, and in her spare time, works to support her dance habit.   Persons of Quality are 3 talented musicians (Jim Oakden, Rebecca King and Jon Berger) performing English Country Dance music with enthusiasm and imagination, using a wide array of instruments. Each tune gets a vivid treatment and driving rhythm, which is both wonderful to listen to, and a pleasure to dance to. Persons of Quality have produced two CD's of ECD music. They frequently play for ECD events on the west coast, and recently they played for a dance weekend at Halsway Manor in England.

Added Attraction:

The Ladies at Play Band from Oklahoma will play for our Saturday afternoon dance sessions. You can visit them at


Ben Hur Shrine Ballroom
7811 Rockwood Lane
Austin, TX 78757

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