About Us

Austin English Country Dancers are a Committee of the Traditional Austin Area Dance Association (TAADA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Austin ECD is dedicated to the preservation, study, teaching, and enjoyment of English traditional and historical dancing.

Set for Spring is an annual English Country Dance weekend that rotates among Dallas, Houston, Austin and Oklahoma City. This ECD weekend provides an opportunity to dance to high quality English dance musicians and callers from other communities. This event promotes fellowship among dancers from around the country. San Antonio plans to host the weekend next year.

Austin ECD / Set for Spring Officers:
Chair Chuck Roth  
Treasurer Craig Weems  
Secretary Pamela Weems  
TAADA Liason Si Dunn  
Set for Spring Team Leaders:
Website Laura Weatherford  
Registrar Mary Herbst registrarSFS@taada.us
Graphic Designer Susie Nagel  
Hall Liason Craig Weems  
Sound Dale Rempert  
Home Hospitality Robert Baden hospitalitySFS@taada.us
Talent Liason Pamela Weems  
Saturday Afternoon Tea RosieLee Salinas & Elizabeth Stehl  
Guest Band Hospitality Frieda Koeninger  
Food Chair Jim Bayliss  
Volunteer Coordinator Nana Lopez volunteerSFS@taada.us
Email Publicity Michel Breger  
Mural Artist Gail Woods  
Stage Transport and Setup Max Cappleman